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Our partner companies recognized the potential of photovoltaic technology early on.
Our strengths are optimized sets and individual solutions with photovoltaic solar modules, battery storage, intelligent inverters, solar cabling and mounting brackets.





500 MW

Solar panel capacity

500.000 kWh

Battery capacity


Latest generation

– monocrystalline solar modules (460 Wp)
– anti-reflective surface
– 10 year product guarantee
– 25 year performance guarantee
– high guarantee

Intelligent technology

– more usable energy
– flexible & expandable
– easy installation (plug & operate)
– 6,000 charging and discharging cycles
– up to 10 years product guarantee

Hybrid inverters

– demand-oriented energy management
– versatile connection options
– plant monitoring
– remote maintenance
– Blackout precaution

PV wiring

– UV and weather resistant
– Temperature resistant (+100° to -40°C)
– Flame retardancy (IEC 60332-1-2)
– AC & DC side

Mounting brackets

– high quality light alloy construction
– suitable for all roof systems
– easy construction
– durable & resistant


– performance optimization
– Remote control via WiFi / app
– battery management system
– E-car charging station

It’s time to invest in solar energy – without being affected by electricity price increases!

Füllen Sie das von bereitgestellte Formular für Ihre PV-Solarlösung aus. Wir erstellen ein unverbindliches und optimiertes Angebot für Sie.
Schließlich soll die Anlage mindestens 20 Jahre Solarstrom produzieren und Gewinne erwirtschaften.

The following points must be taken into account during planning:

Available roof area, orientation and slope
Type and quality of the photovoltaic modules
Investment and operating costs
Financing with own funds or borrowed funds?
Feed-in tariff and other subsidies

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